The Upper School

The Upper School offers a progressive, creative, and dynamic educational learning environment that encourages students to learn, understand, and apply knowledge in  myriad ways. Despite the increased workload students have in the Upper School, this division offers students full support while also demanding a high degree of personal responsibility. Preparing students for the world they will inherit is our guiding principle in providing the breadth of curricular and extracurricular offerings.
We also have a boarding program for students in grades 8 through 12. See our International and Boarding page for more information.
The task of educators is to lead students in a process of self-discovery so that each child will find the appropriate college to suit his or her individual needs, talents, and aspirations. The academic program provides a solid foundation in all major disciplines, with an emphasis on project-oriented, hands-on and minds-on activities. In addition to offering several Advanced Placement level courses, the Upper School also emphasizes the visual and performing arts, music, and drama. Capping the process of self-discovery during the Upper School years is the completion of an  Independent Senior Project, which requires students to pursue independent study, whether in the form of an internship, a research project, a work of art or fiction, or some combination of all three, and present their reflection on this process to the community.