The Children’s School

In the Children’s School, students in Pre-Kindergarten through Fourth Grade learn in a language-rich environment intended to prepare them for their educational progress.
Preschoolers are exposed to Spanish, so that when they reach the higher grades, they will be familiar with the sounds, cadences and basic vocabulary of this increasingly important language. While technology is widely available throughout the campus, RCDS educators believe that a slow introduction to elementary school children is preferable. In the third grade, students learn keyboarding skills and become acquainted with the positive aspects of the Internet through teachers’ use of class websites for assignments, homework, and communication with parents. To maintain healthy bodies and minds, fitness for life is offered three times a week. Students have lunch as a part of the school’s exemplary food program, which offers a wide variety of organic and locally grown produce to satisfy their nutritional needs. Developing student’s social, emotional, and ethical needs is paramount in The Children’s School, where educators continuously weave these ideas into the daily academic curriculum.