International & Boarding

International Student Application Information


Families may begin applying for fall admission any time prior to September.  Transfer students are accepted from October through February of the current school year.  A student activity fee is added to the tuition cost for all transfer students, as it is for full year students.


Step 1 – The Online Application

The online application is the gateway to our Admissions Process. The application can be accessed online at A current photograph of your child is requested to help the Admission Committee put a face with a name. 

Step 2 – Request for Transcripts

We ask that you include the last two years of grade reports, translated into English, including any testing results with your application.

Step 3 – Birth Certificate, Immunization Records, and Medical Document

We must have a copy of the student’s birth certificate and immunization records, translated into English. All of the required medical documents must be submitted to the school before the student can attend classes. New York State law requires that all students are required to have a physical exam with a New York State physician before their first day of school.

Step 4 – Schedule an Admission Interview

Once you have submitted your forms to the Admission Office we will schedule an interview. Admission interviews generally take about 20 minutes and are an informal, “get-to-know-you” time in which we will also assess English proficiency. This process will take place with a Skype interview. 


Step 5 – Confidential Financial Statement

In order for RCDS to prepare to issue an I-20 form, United States Immigration and Naturalization Services require that all parents of applicants submit proof of their ability to support their child’s studies. This documentation is usually required when applying for an F-1 visa in which case you may submit a copy of the F-1 application instead of the Confidential Financial Statement. A non-refundable $5,000.00 enrollment deposit is required before the process for the I-20 can begin.

Step 6 –

RCDS issues an I-20 once the student has been accepted, you have decided to enroll, and the deposit has been received.

Step 7 – F-1 Visa Transfer for Students Already in the U.S.

If you are transferring from another school in the U.S. and already have an F-1 Visa, please sign the top portion of the International Student Transfer Form and submit it with your application. We will ask your sending school to transfer the I-20 to RCDS.If you have any additional questions, call the Admissions Office at 845-268-6802 ext. 206.