International Students

International & Boarding


Academic Services

The school offers ESL and ELL support in all subject areas with a focus on the areas in which they will be tested before advancing to higher education: reading, writing, comprehension, vocabulary, math, and writing for instructional purposes.A College Counselor is employed by the school and meets individually with each junior and senior to guide them through the college application, testing, essay preparation, application submission, and decision-making process.

Modern Facility

The classrooms offer interactive Smart Boards and e-beams and the use of iPads and digital curriculum has been introduced in the middle and upper school. A STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) Lab is open and equipped with many 3-D printers, laser cutter, a 20-station computer lab, soldering stations and router. It is used by faculty and students to integrate learning by doing academic studying in multiple disciplines across Grades 3-12. The school also features an arts studio, gymnasium, a library, extensive fields and open areas, as well as an organic garden with its own curriculum.  The garden provides organic ingredients for the food served in the school cafeteria.

Residential Accommodations

At Rockland Country Day School, two to four students share a large suite, which has its own bathroom, hard-wired internet access, desk/chair, and closet for each student. The dorm is located on the Dominican College campus with its own hall and 24 hour/7day per week security. Additional amenities include free laundry facilities, shared kitchen, dining hall, large common room used for study and recreation/leisure, health services, and fitness center. There is a rotating team of dorm parents who provide 24/7 supervision and there is one parent for each 6 students in order to provide the support that each student needs. Both studying and recreation are an expectation of every weekend, and students are expected to abide by the dorm rules.  It is a few minutes from the school’s main campus and students are transported to and from school by a school-operated shuttle.

ESL courses

The school offers an Academic Support Program designed to meet the needs of secondary-level international students, enabling them to improve their English and academic performance, and improve their chances of acceptance top colleges and universities. The program provides support for students of all levels, including college essay writing for advanced students and test preparation for PSAT, SAT and/or ACT tests. Whether working one-on-one or in a graded class, the College Counselor and experienced faculty give students the extra time and attention necessary for academic success and improved prospects for college admissions.As a part of the curriculum, English for Academic Purposes is offered in order to support the students’ advancement in mastery of language, vocabulary, and vernacular.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) Lab

It is actively used by classes at RCDS to design, prototype, build, and innovate! Students in the Middle School STEAM course are currently creating designs to produce items for the student store, and, in the Upper School, students are designing items using 3-D printers and laser cutters to make items including, robotic arms, a biodegradable water bottle, items requested by the Children’s School, Arduino circuits, new software, etc. There is also a fully equipped computer lab in this building for student use.

Independent Studies

By working with advisors on a specific subject of true interest to them, students are able to become more independent and better prepare for their future studies and possible career choice.