Independent Study

We envision a world in which every individual is equipped to effect real and meaningful change and prepared to pursue his or her dreams with confidence.  We believe that the skills and insights essential to this – profound self-understanding and self-direction – come by evidencing curiosity and through work in and reflection on specific personal projects.
Independent Studies, founded by two RCDS alumni, is intended to foster the kind of individually-motivated study through which students derive excitement about and pride in their work. The motivation and enthusiasm that arise from such self-directed work carry over to many aspects of life and make for a far more fulfilling and vibrant school experience overall – both for those pursuing independent projects and for the rest of the community which surrounds them.
Independent Studies acts as a gateway to a collection of resources – physical space, allotment of time, access to funds, scheduled independent study-related events, centralized investment of institutional attention and support – to facilitate students’ explorations of their interests and passions. With guidance from their advisors, students learn an academic approach to their work using rationale, process, research, and reflection as the methods by which they can articulate the roadmap to their desired results.