International & Boarding

ELL Program


Advisors and teachers address individual needs of students. The Academic Support Program provides individualized instruction and learning strategies designed to foster academic success. Students receive instruction in organization, prioritization of workload, and support with homework and class work tailored to each student’s individual learning style. The Program also communicates with parents, via All School Division Head and/or advisor, about the academic history, concerns, and progress of the student.



RCDS has a long tradition of serving international students for whom English is a second (or more) language. Students are pre-screened for English /fluency in an Admission interview and, on arrival at RCDS, are further assessed to determine the level of English Language support needed. The following are the critical areas of language acquisition: reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar. We provide access to traditional ESL and ELL classes, where students learn how to better communicate and understand English, as well as ESL History, ESL English, and ESL Science for students in need of additional English language support in those core subject areas.