As the Head of our wonderful school, it is heartwarming to hear the variety of reasons students cherish our school. We are a small school with impressive outcomes. The class of 2018 received over $380,000 in merit aid awards, we are ranked as one of the top schools in New York State, and our STEAM Lab and coding classes, offered to students in Grades 3 through 12, is the newest addition to our rich and rigorous academic program.
A common sentiment shared by students is that we are a loving school. We believe in a humanistic approach to education, as set forth by our founders, and we do not believe that we have to choose between being a rigorous school and being a nurturing one. This, ultimately, is the key to our success with your daughters and sons.
We strive to be a demographically diverse community, confident that this is as it should be. Your sons and daughters benefit from, and contribute to, the quilt that is RCDS. Alumni agree that the diversity and open-mindedness of our campus allowed them to encounter new people and situations with ease.  Jamie Pohs ’13 said, “Because of RCDS, diversity isn’t striking- it just is.”
We ask that you support our efforts by contributing to our Magnolia Fund and attending our fundraisers. Tuition does not cover the full cost of operating our school and our generous tuition assistance and teacher compensation are our biggest expenses.
Jocelyn Feuerstein